PATCH NOTE 0.72.19

02 Nov 2020
by Oleg Simukov


  • The size of the game field grid has been changed. In the near future we will make the grid two times smaller and the game area bigger. 
  • A new algorithm for calculating and positioning walls and rooms has been designed. The algorithm has been translated to C++, and that significantly increased performance.
  • A mechanism for customizing the interior has been created. It allows the player to change the visual design of walls and floors, and that affects comfort of colonists.
  • We have introduced the temperature mechanics that allows the player to adjust the temperature inside the premises.
  • We are altering the mechanics of laying communications to get a completely new, more visually pleasing mechanics, convenient and interesting in the gameplay.
  • A new type of module has been added — a wall-mounted module.
  • We are working on six new modules: three types of thermoregulators and three types of power distributors.
  • We are making the first prototypes of a multi-level system: all levels will be synchronised through the orbit.
  • We are documenting and developing a refactoring plan.
  • Testing the voxel system of generating landscapes of the lower and upper levels. As well as the interaction of drones and equipment with it.
  • We are testing the transfer of the algorithms of drones and colonists to Behavior Tree.


  • Save and load system fixed: the visuals of excavated areas have previously failed to save.
  • Bugs fixed in the algorithm of walls construction.
  • Resources are no longer lost in the warehouse interface.
  • Fixes and improvements in building construction mechanics: after demolishing buildings you will get resources. System for construction canceling developed. Now, resources are returned to the player by appearing on the construction site.


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