22 Sep 2020
by Oleg Simukov


  • The system for widgets has been created so that all widgets of the project can be controlled. Also it is now possible to set rules for starting and ending widgets simultaneously with other widgets.
  • The mechanics of removing modules through disassembling it by drones has been added.
  • Now the player can rotate modules.
  • Buildings now have a system of abilities. Also a tool for managing abilities has been added.
  • All modules now have three levels of priority. These levels affect which building will be constructed first, where the colonists will be assigned to work to, the priority of the modules' input and output warehouses, and drones.
  • Data tables have been created for easier access to them and for game balance.
  • Balance tables and game mechanics are now interlinked.
  • We continue working on the build.
  • The Programming Department has successfully secretly taken a video card from one of the PCs in the Sales Department. 15 days have passed, and they still have not noticed :)


  • Refactoring of algorithms related to ground excavation by drones has been conducted, construction of premises by drones, and distribution of colonists to work places have been performed. Most of the problems with performance were eliminated
  • Data structures were reorganized to make the project architecture more streamlined.


  • The wall bug has been fixed. The algorithm for calculating rooms was wrong, under certain conditions it caused crushes.
  • A bug with a negative amount of resources in warehouses has been fixed. Drones took more than there was in the warehouses.
  • The bug with the battery and charging it has been fixed. The battery would start charging before the construction of buildings was over.
  • The bug with the buildings' performance has been fixed. Manufacturing would start before the construction is over.
  • Navigation for more precise movement of drones has been fixed. Now bots move with fewer stops and jams.
  • The game pause mechanics have been fixed. The pause mode would not allow set tasks and show the player's actions.
  • Resource tables have been reworked, and new ones have been introduced. The next step is to change the production chain.


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