10 Sep 2021
by Oleg Simukov

Earth, do you read? A message from DevStation.    

You might be looking forward to leading your own company, creating a base on the Moon, developing regolith resources, and build a bright future for humanity. Surviving without support might be very hard, but don't worry, you won't be a lone astronaut in the endless expanses of space. For a successful existence, you will need to establish trade relations with other people in the Solar System. Therefore we have prepared a special platform for you - the galactic market.    

In the galactic market, you can trade resources and equipment (robots or vehicles), as well as hire specialists. There you will be able to establish trade relations with Earth.    

In The Crust, we tried to create a realistic and deep economic system and logistics. For example, you will need to keep an eye on the prices of goods and services because they will constantly change: production and consumption on Earth, player actions, as well as random game events will have a long-term impact on pricing. A price chart with an approximate vector of price growth or decline in the galactic market menu will help you monitor the economic situation. Each product or service will have its chart. Vector prediction accuracy can be increased through research.    

To make you feel like a full-fledged interplanetary entrepreneur, we have introduced a system of contracts. Now you can conclude contracts for the supply of resources or technology with individual countries or companies of the Earth. The contract terms can also change depending on the economic situation. You will see this in the menu tab with contracts. Perhaps tomorrow a natural disaster somewhere on the planet will make the agreement more profitable. But don't hesitate! At any moment, competitors - other factions developing resources on the Moon - can steal a great deal from under your nose.    

An interplanetary mail will work to deliver goods and specialists. You will be able to use the purchased resources only when a capsule with these resources from the supplier arrives at your base. The same scheme works in the opposite direction: upon sale, you will receive money on the account only when the capsule with the resources purchased from you is delivered to the customer. With the development of your colony, you will be able to build your transport - massive rockets capable of delivering cargo in large volumes.    

To steer your company to prosperity, you need an entrepreneurial flair and foresight. Are you ready for this challenge?    It was The Crust team. Keep in touch and follow the news.    

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End of message. 


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