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Narrative Designer

We are definitely on the same path if you:

  • You know the basics of drama and can come up with interesting stories
  • Do you know what narrative design is and how it is applied in practice
  • You know how to convey stories in text
  • You calmly accept criticism and know how to give feedback yourself
  • You regularly play PC games, strategies, RPGs
  • You are passionate space and the sci-fi genre
  • Able to adequately assess one’s strengths and plan work (the position requires a large degree of independence).

Required work experience: 1–3 years


  • Development of a PC game script
  • Development of a logical setting
  • Inventing and developing interesting plots and game quests
  • Working on the game encyclopedia
  • Immersing the player in history using narrative
  • Combining all game elements into a coherent narrative
  • Creating a quality gaming experience together with the project team
  • Creating concepts for unique characters

What is important to us:

  • Desire to develop in narrative direction
  • Experience in writing scripts, dialogues and other game texts
  • Adequate attitude towards constructive criticism and the ability to work in a team
  • Ability to clearly formulate and express one’s thoughts
  • Ability to independently set and complete tasks

What will be a plus:

  • Experience as a narrative designer
  • Portfolio of completed game projects
  • Extensive gaming experience
  • Knowledge of English

What we offer:

  • Work on a large game project for the PC platform
  • Interesting tasks requiring a creative and systematic approach
  • Competitive salary
  • Opportunity to develop in the field Gamedev
  • Work in the office or the possibility of remote work
  • Relocation to the EU

Community Manager

If you have excellent communication skills, are fond of games and understand Internet culture — this position is for you. Working with a producer and game designer, you will create unique content for social networks, establish contact with players and work with the community.


  • At least one year of experience working with social networks (preferably game developer, personal brand as a streamer, blogger, game journalist).
  • Deep knowledge of the features of working with various social networks.
  • Extensive gaming experience (PC, consoles).
  • At least Advanced English (written and oral).
  • Ability to navigate modern trends, internet culture and memes.< /li>
  • Skills in graphic editors (Photoshop).
  • It is important to be able to act proactively — independently generate goals, attract people to achieve them and manage them within the budget.


  • Work on a strategy for promoting gaming products (creation, implementation, performance evaluation).
  • Independent preparation and control of materials for publications.
  • Participation in the development of the gaming community.< /li>
  • Prompt response to comments, communication with players, maintaining a friendly atmosphere in the community.
  • Developing relationships with opinion leaders.


  • Remote work or hybrid work (office/home).
  • Work in a young team of passionate gamers.
  • Career prospects.
  • Bonuses for the successful implementation of plans at the launch of game projects.
  • Salary is discussed individually with successful candidates.

Technical Artist Unreal Engine 4/5

We are looking for a specialist who can masterfully handle UE4/UE5 visual tools.


  • Participation in the work on the visual part of our game, creating game and technological prototypes.
  • Adjusting the visual parameters of the game: lighting, effects, VFX, etc.
  • Setting up specifications for models/textures for outsource employees + quality control of their work.
  • Participation in work on visual effects in the UI.
  • Integration of 2D and 3D assets and graphics optimization.
  • Directly writing a variety of shaders for new ideas and prototypes.
  • Writing technical documentation for your systems.


  • More than 2 years of development experience in UE4. If you have less experience, but before this you had serious work experience directly related to our requirements, write anyway, we’ll see.
  • Extensive experience in Unreal Engine, namely understanding of all art systems of the engine.
  • Knowledge of Niagara vfx system and/or Cascade particle system.
  • Confident use of the Material Editor in UE4.
  • Good knowledge of Blueprints, Material Editor and the UE4 structure in general.
  • Work with optimization of shaders and their creation.
  • Experience in setting up light on the stage, not only from the point of view of a beautiful picture, but also from a performance point of view.
  • Having a portfolio ( examples of ready-made materials of various types of content, examples of blueprints).
  • Highly qualified in solving technical problems.
  • Proactivity.
  • Extensive gaming experience (PC, consoles)< /li>

Will be a plus:

  • Experience with 3D packages (Maya, Zbrush, SubstancePainter, SubstanceDesigner, Houdini).
  • Knowledge of languages (HLSL/GLSL; Python; Blueprint; C++);
  • Experience in optimizing everything you can imagine.
  • Profiling skills, at least GPU.
  • It is highly desirable to have basic knowledge of programming, including OOP.
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    We offer:

    • Remote or Full Time work, office in Belgrade.
    • Official employment + residence permit in Serbia/Montenegro.
    • We are for a healthy lifestyle, so we pay for any sports of our employees.
    • Work in a young team of passionate gamers.
    • Career growth prospects.
    • Bonuses for creativity and successful implementation of plans for the launch of game projects.
    • We provide freedom in decision making.
    • Salaries are discussed individually with successful candidates.

3D Artist

We are looking for creators who share our love for high-quality models and the desire for perfection in all details.


  • At least 3 years of experience in game development as a 3D Environment Artist.
  • Current profile game portfolio with environmental elements or locations in any of the styles: pseudo-realism and realism, sci-fi , cyberpunk or dieselpunk.
  • Experience in procedural texturing for PBR materials.
  • Decent knowledge of one of the 3D editors (Blender, Maya), Substance Painter (3D Coat), Adobe Photoshop.
  • Sculpting skills (ZBrush, 3D Coat, Blender).
  • Understanding of the specifics of creation 3D content for gaming projects on PC.
  • Responsibility, independence.
  • Willingness to complete a test task.

Will be a plus:

  • Experience in creating object and bone animations;
  • Experience in Unreal Engine 4/5.
  • Experience in participating in the development of PC game projects.
  • li>Experience in level design.
  • Extensive gaming experience (PC, consoles)


  • Creation of 3D game content: the environment and its elements.
  • Compliance with the quality requirements for the developed 3D content and established deadlines for implementation.
  • Maintaining the artistic style of the project in Sci-Fi setting.
  • Creation of object and bone animations (optional).

We offer:

  • Remote or Full Time work, office in Belgrade and Kaliningrad.
  • Official employment + residence permit in Serbia/Montenegro.
  • We are for a healthy lifestyle, so we pay for any sport employees.
  • Work in a young team of passionate gamers.
  • Bonuses for creativity and successful implementation of plans for the launch of game projects.
  • We provide freedom in decision making.
  • We provide freedom in decision-making.
  • We provide freedom in decision-making.
  • li>
  • Salary is discussed individually with successful candidates.

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