08 Oct 2020
by Oleg Simukov

Hi! This is the lunar project supply service speaking. Our colleagues have already told you about the game's transport and intelligence. Now it is our turn to share the latest achievements in the space logistics industry.

One cannot do without transportation vehicles, but have you ever wondered how cargo, drones, and colonists are delivered to the Moon? No need to answer, we will tell everything ourselves!

All deliveries are made with cargo capsules. A transport shuttle sends them from the Moon's orbit directly to the lunar ground.

The capsules have engines, and therefore they can independently descend to the surface at specific coordinates, and fly back after unloading. And if you build a special station for them, you will be able to download and send capsules to Earth, even.

There are three types of cargo capsules: the ones used for delivering cargo, the ones for delivering drones, and the special ones, provided with landing modules for colonists.

And most importantly, just look at how neatly, smoothly and beautifully the capsule lands! Beautiful, isn't it? On that note we finish our report. And remember: the supply service is not responsible for the capsules with turned off engines that have accidentally fallen from orbit!

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