PreAlpha Gameplay Trailer

23 Oct 2020
by Oleg Simukov

Hi! This is The Crust development team speaking! In our blog, we have already told you a lot about the game, but have not really shown its gameplay. Well, it's time to make up for the delay. We are happy to present the first The Crust gameplay trailer!

In this video we have decided to tell you in general terms about what activities there are in the game. For example, players will need to search for and extract resources, working on several levels at once. To help them with that, drones and scanners will be indicating which way to dig to find something useful. Before the first colonists arrive, the machines will have to prepare comfortable living conditions for them. When giving people jobs, you will have to take their skills, abilities, and condition into account.

But this is just the beginning! In the midgame you will have the chance to build a transportable drilling rig that will completely change the gameplay and the approach to resource extracting. The player will explore the surface of the Moon far from the base with the help of scout rovers, and then organize large-scale extraction and transportation of resources to the base for further processing. In the later stages of the game, the player will be able to mine Helium-3, build megastructures, and build additional bases on the Moon, which also changes the gameplay.

However, it is worth considering that the gameplay shown in the video is recorded on an early alpha. Many things, including the interface, structure models, and graphics, will change before the release. This trailer will definitely not be the last. We will please you with new videos of our project. To stay informed, regularly visit our website, social media, and other information resources!


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