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Dev Diary №22: Unveiling Global Markets and Extended Overview of Colonists

26 Apr 2024
Reaching New Heights: Unveiling Global Markets and Extended Overview of Colonists Hello everyone, We just reached another stretch goal , which will allow us to expand the story and bring more variety and interesting moments...

The Crust Combat System Concept

04 Apr 2024
What do you think about that? Hello Community, In this article we want to talk about our experiments with the combat system and get your opinion on it as we approach another Stretch Goal . Core Loop Combat System...

Dev diary №21 - Expansion of colonist mechanics, ice and new interfaces

15 Mar 2024
New idea service and plans for the summer Hi, everyone! After the last festival, where we presented the latest demo, we took a short break from information updates to prepare for the launch of our campaign on Kickstarter. Now we...

The Crust live on Kickstarter

11 Mar 2024
by Oleg Simukov
Hello @everyone , We're very excited to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for The Crust just launched! Your invaluable feedback has helped The Crust make significant progress, so we want you to join us as soon as possible. With your...

Assembler with jobs for colonists

24 Jan 2024
by Oleg Simukov
Hello Crusties, Sneak peek at the updated Assembler. It is a building used to automate the production of two-ingredient parts. Requires colonists with Engineer specialization for most efficient operation. Can be automated by feeding...

DEV DIARY №20 - Optimization, interface and new units.

17 Nov 2023
Good day everyone, The Crust is back with you! It's been more than a month since Steam Next Fest and we're back with an update to show you what we're currently working on and tell you about our future plans. At the very moment, we are...

Steam Next Fest Results

16 Oct 2023
by Oleg Simukov
We want to sincerely thank everyone who downloaded and played a demo of our game The Crust during Steam Next Fest. Your support was amazing and many of you contacted us to share your thoughts and feedback.  The Crust demo proved to be...

The Crust Closed Beta Starts Now!

15 Sep 2023
by Oleg Simukov
Closed beta testing for The Crust has officially begun! The first wave of beta keys is out, so check your email and Discord inboxes. For those who want to participate but haven't signed up yet, please follow the instructions . We've...

New Logo Reveal

10 Sep 2023
by Oleg Simukov
.ty-blog__img-block { display: none; }


08 Sep 2023
Good afternoon, it's The Crust with you again! We've been quiet for a long time and it's time to tell you about what's changed in the meantime.  Spoiler - a lot, and only a fraction of the project's massive changes fits into this dev...
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