22 Mar 2021
by Oleg Simukov

Wall construction system and room definition algorithm.

 One of the most complex algorithms of our project is finally ready. It went through many iterations to finally come to the expected result.

The algorithm includes the following elements:


  • Designing walls and rooms 

A wall-setting mechanism allows a player to set walls and create rooms.

  • Filling interior with floor

Mechanics of creating enclosed spaces: each room is tiled separately.

  • Setting doors

Allows to install doors on straight sections of the wall to create accessible areas.

  • Defining external contours and internal rooms

Allows to determine the tightness of the premises and connect them with the mechanics of the life support system, such as Temperature, Electricity and Life Support.

  • Identifying enclosed and accessible spaces 

Necessary for setting correct routes for drones and colonists.

Allows to avoid situations in which the AI will be locked up without being able to get out.

  • The styles system

Allows you to create selected states for the walls and floor. Each state is a separate wall style with its own conditions and materials.

In the future, this system will allow you to scale the states for additional decor and give you more opportunities in designing rooms.

  • Removing walls and rooms

Allows you to remove walls and rooms in the design mode, confirmed walls, creates tasks for removing previously built walls.

  • Adapting the wall visual 

Renews the visual of the walls based on their position relative to the rooms and the external space.


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