17 Sep 2021
by Oleg Simukov

Resources, their extraction, and processing are an important part of The Crust gameplay as an economic strategy, and the VEOM Studio team has invested a lot of time and effort to make this process challenging and fun. 

It starts with the basics - regolith. Regolith is the residual dusty soil on the surface of the Moon that has been formed by weathering. That is where the resources that Earth needs and that you, head of the lunar mission, have to get are deposited. 

But what if the player needs other resources, and they have not been found yet? That is where the resource search and geological exploration tools come in handy. On an underground level, you must use a module that allows you to scan the nearby rock. The player is free to choose the direction of search, and then - as luck would have it. Spoiler: usually you are lucky, the Moon is rich in resources. 

On the surface of the Moon, a scout, an unpretentious off-road vehicle, is in charge of reconnaissance and will find you places of resource concentration and points of interest outside of your base. The player is free to set its direction of travel, and then wait for the results. 

In general, finding, mining, and recycling resources is a crucial element of The Crust gameplay, which encourages the player to develop and become familiar with other mechanics. Found a new rare resource deposit? Then, please, set up an extraction, processing, supply electricity, etc. The extracted resource, in turn, will allow to produce more advanced modules of the next level or take a recent urgent supply contract from Earth. But to fully take it to the new level of development and meet the urgent needs of the Earth and your base, in addition to the resource you have, you will need three or four others and more. And it's time to search, set up mining, and carry out the infrastructure again. 

Thus, through this mechanism, we want to show the development of the main idea of The Crust - the creation of an almost inexhaustible economic sandbox where the player always has something to develop and some room for improvement at every stage of the game. "Okay, another branch of production, another module here. And it's 4 a.m. already, isn't it?" - this is the very aspect we find the lion's share of fun in and which we want to bring into our project as well. So if you get stuck, you're welcome. We warned you! 

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This was VEOM Studio and The Crust project.


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