PATCH NOTE 0.63.14

30 Sep 2020
by Oleg Simukov


  • The mechanics of assigning colonists to positions through the interface improved.
  • An approximate ratio of game and real time derived and implemented in the project.
  • We have started integrating our own quest editor into the project. Soon, we will post a separate update in which we will tell you more about it.
  • We synchronized the solar panel with the position of the Sun in orbit.
  • We have fixed the vessels' and resources' transportation between the orbit and the underground level.
  • The interface of the colonists' statuses has been improved.
  • We have improved the mechanics of ordering resources, people, drones, and equipment through the global market, and also added price fluctuations.
  • Additional perks for colonists added.
  • Added new modules: a Bar and a Café in which the colonists can restore their comfort and morale.
  • The conditions for constructing buildings on different levels established.
  • We have redesigned the resource production chain and introduced new materials:

- Rare earth elements

- Carbon fiber

- Structural material

- Deuterium

- Helium-3

- Rare minerals

  • A system of virtual action points for colonists added.
  • We have created new models of cargo capsules.


  • Global errors hindering us from making a build fixed.
  • The issue with the warehouse interface not updating values when adding or taking a resource from a warehouse fixed.
  • The artifacts in the colonists' animations have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with the robots teleporting.
  • A bug with constructing intersected rooms that crushed the game.

We are working on setting up lighting on the levels.

We are also currently adding new models to the game.

The visual part and interfaces mechanics are being polished to the level of perfection.

We are preparing the introductory training of the player.


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