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About Us

As the medieval alchemists learned the secret of purifying lead into gold, by choosing the right ingredients, and hardworking process to achieve the goal of the perfection of matter, as our team overcomes obstacles, finds solutions, and delivers exceptional results to make an impact through our talents, passion, and hard work.
The Veom Studio is made up of amazing individuals and the dreamers who are passionate about one idea and achieve greatness through teamwork.
 We constantly push ourselves to be our best, focus on solutions, and arrive every day inspired to create the new virtual worlds that expand your imagination horizons. 

Our goal is to turn into reality all the things that have been missing in other, undoubtedly great, games, and enhance them with our ideas and dreams. We aspire to create a perfect alloy of exciting gameplay, addictive story, and the capturing visuals.
Our head office located in Kaliningrad, but there are no boundaries for talent and inspiration. The Veom studio brings top-notch professionals together to achieve great results, think outside the box, and write new stories.

Our Creators

Oleg S., aka IRAKLE Inspirer and creator of the studio, strategist, generator of ideas.
Fedor A., aka ArtFedor Timlid, game designer, the dude who's supposed to kick the others, but first he has to be kicked himself.
Lev P., aka Lead Programmer, Algorithm Engineer, Code Genius.
Oleg B., aka MirkWood Software Code Surgeon, Systems Architect, Ironworker Engineer.
Maxim K., aka Keroe Orbital Programmer. Builder of walls and bugs.
Denis M., aka chief communicator, public relations engineer, verboten arsonist, and QA chief
Alexander B., aka Mrakovever, is a master of words, a tamer of participles, a god of text.
Sergey, aka Van Gogh, Bruegel and Magritte all in one.
Eugraf ., acagenius of space, master of perspective, emperor of volumes.
Nikita ., acacosmic expert, expert on extraterrestrial transport.


Riga LV 1029 Dubultu 4 dz. 19

SIA Sapsana
CEO: Oleg Simukov
ID: 40203394291
SEPA: LV78ZZZ40203394291