23 Aug 2020
by Oleg Simukov

Hello there! This is the moonwalkers speaking. We are happy to inform you that we continue grinding away regolith and working on the game. Let us get to the point — what for do we need a lunar base? We need it to produce things there. But in order to produce something, we have to find some raw material, so this time we will talk about production and exploration.

Production: In the game, you will find numerous complex branched production chains responsible for various production modules. As any tricky technological thing, they will suddenly shut down and break down, sometimes for very unexpected reasons, so you cannot get bored. But do not worry. You can set up all the processes so that everything works correctly. Or not...

Today we will show you the concepts of electronics and construction materials plants, as well as a biogenerator.

Exploration: The Crust is a multi-level, or even multi-storey, game. All the twists and turns will occur both on the surface of the Moon and on the under-earth... we mean, under-the-Moon level. And you will interact with radar scanners at the orbital level. Radars scan the surface of the Moon and the underground searching for deposits rich in ore and other resources. Sometimes various factors and well-wishers can get in their way. In general, this part of the game will also give you a lot of unexpected and fun surprises.

The Unreal Engine allows us to make cool animations of all modules. The Under Development video is attached below.


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