19 Aug 2020
by Oleg Simukov

Hello there! This is the transport service of the Moon exploration project speaking! Whatever happens on the surface of the Earth's satellite, our wonderful four-, six- and even ten-wheeled companions are involved. Let us take a closer look at some of them.

A scout is a fast, reliable and very useful vehicle. It is your eyes, ears and sensors. The scout's job to search for minerals and scan the surface of the Moon for useful resources that are scattered around after meteor showers. Rush to find them, or your competitors may do it first. This is why a scout will often get into trouble and participate in thrilling quests and research.

Cargo transport can be small and large. There is nothing to add here. This transport is to deliver valuable cargo from point A to point B. Where a large cargo transport can not go through, a small truck will. And what a small truck can not accommodate, a large cargo transport can. Though it is banal, these things matter. Trucks like getting into trouble and participating in interesting quests, too! Their favorite hobby is breaking down and disappearing from all the radars. So make sure to care about them!

One of the most fascinating things that both developers and players love to watch is animations of our mechanised companions. This is why we have attached a short video. You know what to do!

At the moment, our team is actively working on:

  • The saving system.
  • The game speed system.
  • Navigation system for characters and drones.
  • The system for creating and debugging quests that we have written ourselves.
  • A new interface that we will tell more about in the next update.

Thank you and see you again! It is time for us to depart... Vroom-vroom!


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