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Good day Mooniacs,

Beta testing of The Crust is over, but you can subscribe for our news and future playtests.

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Нет, при регистрации видеокарты GPU NVIDIA MX 920 (((((
Enjoyed the game cant wait to see a fleshed out production list and how the colonist will react with the game play.
Thanks for the 120 hours I spent playing this Demo - Looking forward to the closed Beta.
GPU: add 3090 ti, I just chose 3090
нужно много кремния, но игра об этом не говорит.
В остальном супер игра, которая меня захватывает
The game was super nice mey be we see more in the future wuld be nice.

Have a nice day an bey bey
Sad to see this go, I wish i could pay full price now to keep playing it. This work of art will be missed.
this is one of the best games i have played in a very long time
Game was fantastic, looks stunning, scratches that industrious itch. Recommend 100%
amazing and unique concept on this genre, will only get better, with the hours ive played
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