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04 Jun 2024

Your suggestions

Dear Crusties,

You guys are absolutely amazing! In a joint effort over the last few days, we reached three our kickstarter streath goals, which is totally awesome.
Thank you all so very much, indeed!

Today we are taking a look at some of the most common questions we received and answering them all here.

Where can I share my suggestion to improve the game?

We encourage everyone to join the dialog on the official Discord server, in the Suggestion section, right now there are several ideas that have not received the final iteration and we would like to hear your opinion.
You can vote for an idea or suggest your on our website: idea.the-crust.com, or Discord server.

When The Crust is the released?

We plan to release the Beta version of The Crust in May - June, after we work with feedback and suggestions from the Beta team, we will work on polishing the game, voice acting and translation into different languages. Early Access on Steam is scheduled to launch in July.

Will it be possible to buy the Soundtrack Pack separately?

Yes, we will publish the Soundtrack Pack as a separate DLC at the game's release.

Is demo available now? Will it be opened later?

Demo is closed because we need to focus on development of beta version in time. There are no plans to launch the demo version before the full release of the game.

Will Crust have modding support?

We are close to putting together a POI, story and secondary quest builder for modders. In addition to this we really want to make a full-fledged support for modding, it will open up a whole world of new ideas and variants of game development. But it will not be possible to do this until we realise our plan before and a little after EA on Steam.


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