Development news, Beta access and awards

07 Jun 2024
by Oleg Simukov

Hello Crusties,

It's time to lift our heads a bit from development and share some news about The Crust.

New Module Concepts

We continue to add the planned content to the game and create new modules. Check out some of them:

Thermonuclear Reactor, powered by energy cells produced using Helium-3.

AI Center, generating science points while consuming a colossal amount of energy.

Biogenerator, producing energy by utilizing organic matter, corpses, or the bodies of undesired colonists

Blockchain Data Center - generates credits by servicing various blockchain networks using energy for this

Alpha Released

In May, we distributed all Alpha keys to backers and are now actively working on feedback and bug reports from them. Unfortunately, some keys were duplicated during the manual distribution process. If you received an already activated key, please contact us via message or Discord, and we will issue you a new one.

Yesterday, we released a major update that includes new visuals for conveyors and distributors of different levels, added salvage objects in sandbox mode, added module animations, new contracts, and some changes in economic balance.
You can read the detailed patch notes here:

This update also fixed many known bugs, and Alpha backers can check it out now.

Soon, we plan to add two experimental mechanics to the game and test them together with you.

Beta Access

We will soon start distributing keys to all Beta backers. Please sign up for our Discord server in advance and get your Beta role by typing the command: !getRole in the ⁠#claim_ks_role channel

Early Access Release

We are actively working on preparing the game for the EA release, translating the game into 8 languages, voice-acting game characters with real actors, continuing to develop core mechanics, and polishing the campaign mode, which we plan to showcase in a major update alongside the game's release on Steam. In the coming days, we will announce the exact release date.

Physical and Digital Rewards

Backer Colonists

Our artists are continuing to create portraits of colonists based on the photos of backers with the Lunar Citizen reward level and above. Those who haven't sent their photo yet can do so via this link:

You can provide details about your colonist - their biography and profession, or simply attach a photo, and we will create their story ourselves. We plan to include these colonists in the game by the EA release on Steam.

Exclusive Modules

Soon, we will add a special module to the game - a monument honoring all those who supported us and helped with the game's development. Exclusive modules offering certain bonuses are in development, and we hope to add some of them to the game by the EA release or in the first updates.

T-Shirts and Physical Rewards

We have started printing t-shirts and plan to ship them in advance before the game's release. Other physical rewards will be delivered after the release.

Exclusive Backer Game Content

We will soon contact high-level backers to start working on their ideas for additional quests and incorporating personal backer locations into the game. Keep track of updates on this topic in the #ks-secret-channel.

Thank you for your support, feedback, and suggestions! We carefully review everything you send us, incorporating some ideas into the game, and using others to adjust our vision, making the game better and better.


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